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Your Fitness Goals This Year?
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From: Matt Benvie
Date: January 30 2019

Hey Ya'll

What does 'getting in shape' mean for you...? 
For everyone it's different...
For some of you, it may be losing weight and inches.
For others, it may be continuing to do all of your activities at a high level and staying strong and fit.
It may be to just get started and get help making positive changes.

It could be to do something social.

Or to get stronger and more mobile.

No matter your goals, without accountability and support, it is much harder to stick with it and make progress.  If you don't have a coach waiting on you for your session or daily reminders to stick to your habits, there are no consequences for not keeping up with it.

This is why we couldn't be more excited to offer you our risk free 30 day trial and a chance to change your life forever.  Evolve isn't going to be for everyone and if you join and it isn't a fit, I will give you back your money no questions asked.  

When you come see us you'll spend 45-60  minutes with me where we will in depth on working out, nutrition and lifestyle to help you reach your goals.   Your habits are going to dictate your results and we are going to work together and come up with the exact habits you will need to stick to  in order to reach all of your goals.  You will also have the option of a private personal training session if you are feeling nervous about jumping into boot camp where we will take 60-90 minutes and also take you through a mock boot camp to get you feeling comfortable.  There is A LOT more too it so please read below and let me know if you have any questions. 

I am truly excited to offer this and help you find a plan that you love and that gets you sustainable results.

See you soon
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What You Get When You Join
  • Initial Assessment And Goal Setting Session: This is the meat and potatoes.  We will do a full body assessment including weight, measurements, progress pics, body fat % and the full inbody 570 analysis (optional for those who would rather we don't).  We will then build out your 30 day success plan from 24 hours to 30 days which will detail exactly what you are going to do to reach your goals based on your long term health vision ($200 value)
  • Daily Nutrition Coaching for 30 days: Daily lessons and tasks to shape your nutrition plan and help you get sustainable results ($100 value) 
  • Access to Evolve's members only site:  Inside you will find 100s of recipes,  nutrition programs, workouts you can do on vacation, follow along cardio workouts and mini challenges to boost results ($300 value)
  • Private facebook group for peer support and extra coaching
  • Results or your money back: Priceless $$
 TOTAL VALUE $850   You only pay $249+hst if you want a private personal training session with Matt or 149+hst if you are comfortable doing boot camp without a training session.
***Note that if you join Bedford and the goal setting session times work better, you may come to Strawberry Hill and then attend the workouts in Bedford.  The workouts are the same in both locations as well as the setup of the rooms.
**If you are a seasoned group fitness and nutrition veteran and want to forgo this in depth coaching and just do a trial to test things out, please email  We recommend doing the full package though we understand not everyone needs to be assessed or help with their routine and nutrition.
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